First Science, Information and Technology National Youth Conference - 2075 (SIT-NYC, 2018) is the national platform for youth in science working in home or aboard. It aims to gather youths from different discipline of pure and applied sciences among with policy makers, academicians, professors, senior scientists.


Conference is dedicated on discussion of scientific policies, reviewing current status of science in a mentioned theme, moreover, intensive discussions on set up theme and guidelines will draft strategic plans for next ten year (mission 2028 AD) for Science.


The conference is focused on 'strategic plan' discussions on proposed thematic areas based on guidelines set up by organizing committee on the advice of scientific advisory board. In addition, it will provide common platform to explore innovations, researches, ideas, knowledge by Nepali youth working on various scientific institutions and domains.


  • To review the history and current status of science, information and technology research and development in Nepal for drafting ten year action plan and its submission to concerned organizations
  • To provide exposure opportunities among Nepali students and young professionals working in science, information and technology to share their research activities and innovative ideas with scientists, policy makes and public.


  • Natural Sciences
  • Medicine & Ayurveda
  • Engineering and Material Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Indigenous Technology & Ancient Practices
  • Earth, Environment & Meteorology
  • Information, Communication & Technology
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Astronomy & Space Science
  • Radiation & Energy
  • Nanotechnology
  • Vocational Education


  • High School Students
  • University students/Graduates
  • Young professionals/Researchers/Scientists


  • Submission Deadline: June 3
  • Selection notification: June 6
  • Conference Date: June 18-20


Title of abstract in Arial font: size14 point, centred paragraph

1Author, A.A., 1*Second-Author, B.B., 2Third, C.C. & 2So-on, D.D.

*lead presenter

1e-mail address of lead presenter, Institution, country

2 Institution, country


The main text, like the author names used Times New Roman font, 14 point for the Author names and 12 point for the remainder of the abstract. Type or paste your text into this file, but remember to keep the page margins the same as is set here which is 2.5 cm all round. Paragraphs are justified (straight-edged) on both left and right.

The organizing committee reserves the right to edit abstracts for clarity or correctness of English, but will consult the author if any significant changes are needed. Your abstract should not exceed 250 words. The limit for your abstract is one page. Abstracts that do not meet these formatting requirements will be returned.

The abstract deadline is June 3, 2018. There is no fee for submission of an abstract.

Key Words: Please mention at least three keywords that defines your abstract/paper/work. The key word would be in times roman italic 10 points



  • President- Mr. Madhab Dhungel, Executive Vice Chairman, National Youth Council
  • Convener- Mr. Khim Prasad Panthi, Member, National Youth Council
  • Executive members
    • Dr. Sushil Bhandari, Life Sciences
    • Laxman Dangol, Indegenios knowledge and Ancient practices
    • Pratik Shakya, Information and Communication Technology
    • Suresh Bhattarai, Space Science and Astronomy


  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Ministry of Information and Technology
  • Universities, NAST, RECAST


Details program will be released soon.