Making the Nepalese youth strong, competent, competitive and self-reliant, to build a modern, just and affluent Nepal through their meaningful participation and promotion of their leadership capacity.


  • Youth Participation, Collaboration and Leadership Development
  • Life-skill Education, Employment, Health and Security,
  • Access, Equality, Social justice and Capacity Building of Youth
  • Competent Human Resource, Peaceful and Prosperous Nation


  • Healthy, Diligent and Entrepreneur Youth
  • Guarantee of Rights and Aware of Responsibilities
  • Inclusion and Equitable Development
  • Protection and Promotion
  • Leadership and Self-reliant


  • Develop and expand the role of the youth and their prospects in nation building and national development,
  • To highlight the competence inherent in the youth class by establishing them as the basic power of the nation through the development of creativity, entrepreneurship and investigative competence in them,
  • To prepare competent youth who are of ethical, cultural, creative and professional nature through proper development of their physical, mental, intellectual, ethical and emotional sides by developing the culture of respecting labor,
  • To guarantee the basic rights of the youth and ensure their access to productive resources, to involve them at all levels of policy and decision-making and implementation relating to political, economic, social and cultural sectors and to establish the youth as the agents of national development by promoting their leadership capacity through gender equality,
  • To bring the youths belonging to the priority and the special priority groups in the main stream of development by empowering them through the means of positive discrimination.